What is Boston’s Higher Ground?

• Higher Ground is a new nonprofit service organization dedicated to achieving excellent outcomes for youth and their families in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan.
• Higher Ground promotes a coordinated service delivery model.
• The Higher Ground model seeks out existing institutional partners with proven track records, to provide needed resources, programs and services.
• Higher Ground functions as a “navigator” and “advocate” for residents and organizations in its target area and connects them with resources, programs and services.
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How was it started?

• After two years of research and planning, Higher Ground was founded in Boston in 2010, by Dean Emeritus of B.U. School of Social Work and City Year Social Entrepreneur in Residence Hubie Jones with the support of a Board of Incorporators, including officers Charlotte Golar Richie, William Pinakiewicz and Clarence Cooper.
• Higher Ground began operations in June 2011 in its first impact area in a section of Roxbury that includes all of census tract 817 bordered by Washington, Dudley and Warren Streets and MLK Boulevard and home to the Warren Gardens Housing Cooperative and other affordable housing cooperatives.
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Why Is Higher Ground Needed?

• Boston is resource rich with a wealth of service organizations — world-class hospitals, health care facilities, top-notch schools — and social service programs. Yet, residents are not always aware of and able to access these resources. Moreover, resources vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.
• There is need for a more integrated system of care to ensure that people get the right services at the right time.
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What Are Higher Ground’s Goals?

• To connect residents with resources, including programs and services, that benefit children, youth and families.
• To ensure that every child has what is needed to thrive, from cradle to career!
• To encourage greater participation on the part of residents, especially our youth, in addressing neighborhood challenges and concerns.
• To partner with direct service providers, with a proven record of success, to make sure that their services meet the needs of the residents in our target area.
• Our current focus is to build a strong local network of schools and child care providers that together are educating more than 2,000 children in and near our target area.
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