Key Accomplishments to Date:

• Supported Warren Gardens Housing Cooperative resident leaders who invited Higher Ground to locate in the neighborhood and help create a safety zone around this major development facing challenges of violence and poor management practices.

o Assisted the Warren Gardens Resident Association and Housing Board to overcome some of the conflicts that had divided them for years by helping conduct annual elections and improved the Association’s financial tracking systems.
o Supported the residents as they transitioned to a new management company.

• Co-located on Warren Street with Center for Teen Empowerment and brought to the neighborhood TE’s nearly three-decade long experience of offering youth organizing and leadership development skills to disconnected youth and facilitated effective dialogues involving youth, police and community.

• At request of Court-Appointed Receiver for the RoxComp Health Center, served as the Receiver’s community outreach and communications arm and organized community meetings for former health center clients, staff members and neighbors. Over a two-year period, sent updates to more than 300 contacts to insure continuity of care for former patients, and to support former staff and keep everyone informed about plans for the facility, culminating in a community meeting to present Bridge Charter School and its plans to acquire the RoxComp property for the school’s permanent location beginning in 2017.

Advocated on behalf of homeless families with children who attend Boston schools — up from 1,700 in 2014 to 3,000 at the end of the 2014-2015 school year – by advocating for school-based access to affordable housing for these vulnerable families. Higher Ground helped organize a meeting of 30 advocates, providers and agency representatives hosted by the City of Boston’s directors of housing, health and education departments to develop policy recommendations to address this growing challenge and expect agreement on new policy recommendations by fall or winter.

• An active member of the Place-Based Initiatives Community of Practice.

• Helped launch and currently serve as co-leader for the education-focused Change Circle, formed to serve black and brown boys in Boston schools.