Higher Ground is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors with experience in the fields of education, social work, finance, community development, health, law, data management and evaluation and community organizing and development and is supported by a dynamic and experienced staff. Working together as an effective team we are able to make connections between community-based organizations and the public and private resources needed for the successful delivery of needed programs and services. Following three years of start-up experience, Higher Ground stepped back and with the help of a consultant team assessed its early experience and developed a new program and business model focused on early childhood development and education.

Key Accomplishments to Date:

•Helped build a strong, active network of local district and charter schools:

o Brought together principals and leaders of Higginson Lewis, David Ellis and Higginson district schools and Bridge, Brooke and KIPP Charter Schools to explore potential collaboration and mutual support.
o Brought together parent leaders from the six district and charter schools to build a strong network of parent leaders interested in supporting all the schools that are educating the children of the neighborhood.

•Connected our local schools to many needed resources
•Provided support to early childhood programs
•Served as community advocate and facilitator