FOCUS on Health

Resilient Families Surround-Care Coalition

The “Surround-Care” Coalition consists of thirteen non-profit organizations, three neighborhood schools - the Higginson K0-2 Full Inclusion, Higginson-Lewis and David Ellis -- and Crispus Attucks Children’s Center (CACC). We have committed to work together to improve the health and well-being of nearly 1,200 children and their families who attend these schools as well as the children and their families throughout the surrounding neighborhood.


Our main focus is Community, Family, and Child Resilience with the following objectives and intended outcomes:


Child and Family Health & Wellbeing:

Child/Family Physical Health

  1. Increased access to primary care and mental health services and to trauma services and treatment

  2. Increased access and participation in physical activities

Community, Family, and Child Resilience:

Family Stability

  1. Increased access to affordable housing and housing stability of area families

  2. Increased family engagement in school and community events


Community, Family, and Child Resilience:

Youth Engagement

  1. Increased youth voice in community decision making

  2. Increased connections to community resources with schools as service hubs


Together we secured a one-year $150,000 grant from Boston Children’s Hospital to develop a plan that did lead to a three-year $1 million grant to implement the plan. We are implementing the plan with the engagement of principals, teachers, parents, students and neighborhood residents.


Resilient Families Surround-Care Coalition partners creating a plan to address health equity in Higher Ground's target neighborhoods