Seeking long-overdue equality and opportunity to all...

Thank you, Boston residents, for rising up and taking to the streets to declare that Black lives do matter, that police departments need reform, and that unprovoked killings of unarmed Black people deserve justice and accountability and will not be tolerated. 
The racism, discrimination, and inequality, which have manifested themselves in the acts of police and vigilante brutality acts that we have witnessed, are also present in every other aspect of societal life.  Let’s not forget the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 – which fixed a spotlight on longstanding health and economic disparities which have killed Black and Brown people in this country, in record numbers. 
Our staff and board are acutely aware of the deep-seated racism, discrimination, bigotry, inequality, xenophobia, and microaggressions that people of color deal with on a daily basis.  We know about the chronic neglect and disinvestment that have plagued our communities. We have been working for 10 years since our founding in 2010, collaborating with residents and organizations, and advocating for resources to improve conditions and address racial and economic inequities. As we are about to launch a one-year celebration marking our 10th Anniversary, we feel a heightened sense of urgency and a deeper resolve to continue the work we have been doing for several years.
What we do
As a Roxbury-based backbone organization, working to address what we call a “trilogy of disparity” in health, housing, and education, we are redoubling our efforts to support local actions that advance our communities toward equity.  We are collaborating with organizations that seek to strengthen the lives of children and families, including public schools that are committed to delivering a quality education; agencies that will provide decent, permanent housing for students and their families; and healthcare organizations, that seek to tackle and eliminate the underlying conditions that have led to the deaths of so many during this pandemic.  We will also join our local partners in participating in conversations that seek to dismantle racist systems, structures, and cultures. 
Our world has been rocked by George Floyd and COVID-19 – and it is forever changed.  We hope that this change will deliver the kind of transformative action that will bring long-overdue equality and opportunity to all.
Charlie Titus
Chair, Board of Directors

Hubie Jones

Charlotte Golar Richie

Wayne Ysaguirre

Mossik Hacobian
Executive Director